Dive into Shapes! “Sea” & Build Geometry

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Splash into geometry! Combine sticks in 3 sizes, along with curves for making circles and cylinders, with 2 different types of connectors to build 2-D shapes. Then, combine them to make new 2-D shapes or even 3-D shapes! Child-friendly set features durable sticks, curves, and connectors.

Dives Into Shapes™ includes the following pieces:

  • 16 Orange connectors (10 holes)
  • 18 Red connectors (8 holes)
  • 16 Long sticks
  • 24 Medium sticks
  • 20 Small sticks
  • 20 Curves
  • 15 Double-sided, shape-building cards

Plunge below the surface of geometry and dive into shapes! This sea-enchanted building set is aligned to all fi rst-grade Common Core geometry standards, providing your students with a school of opportunities to build and explore shapes. Construct 2-D, 3-D, and composite shapes, master shape attributes, partition circles and squares into 2 and 4 equal parts—this is learning that travels a thousand fathoms deep!

Notes for Using Dive into Shapes

  • Before using the cards, give students time to become familiar with the pieces. Let them explore how the connectors and sticks fi t together prior to step-by step construction.
  • There are enough pieces in this set for 4 students to simultaneously build 2-dimensional shapes, and for 2–3 students to build 3-dimensional shapes.
  • The holes around the circumferences of each connector are spaced differently. The red connectors have holes 60 degrees apart, and the orange connectors have holes 45 degrees apart.

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