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Posts by Sarah Ohlson de fine

How we Read – part 2

Word Recognition This is the second installment relating to reading – to read the first one, please click HERE Reading is a complex task that takes years of dedication to master.  It is a vital skill, as all further education rests on one’s ability to read.  In the early stages of learning to read much…

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How We Read

Skilled reading for children

“Reading is the fundamental skill upon which all formal education depends”. And yet, learning to read is an incredibly complex and multifaceted skill. The act of reading is far from “natural”, therefore many children stumble and battle with reading. Reading difficulties can have far reaching consequences. To understand how we read, and how we can…

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Learning Tools Multilingual Products reviewed on 702!

Products to facilitate second language acquisition

Learning Tools had a boost on Saturday morning when our Multilingual Products – Viva Vocab and Conversation Station were reviewed on Radio 702  Weekend Breakfast with Phemelo Motene.   Many thanks to Talent Whisperer, and all around inspiring Nikki Bush for doing such a great job for us. Learning Tools has developed two products…

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Working Memory – what is it? And how can we improve it?

Working Memory

You’ve heard of Short-Term Memory, and Long-Term Memory – so what is Working Memory?  Working Memory is an area of the brain that we use while we are manipulating information.   Working Memory is used for carrying out complex tasks such as learning, reasoning and comprehension.  It is a limited space when comparing it to Long-Term…

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The building blocks of geometry

Shapeometry educational game to develop reasoning skills.

Shapes are the building blocks of geometry. Learning about shapes is a fundamental step in the basics of maths. Children need to start to understand what the properties of shape are, and how to classify shapes. Why do we need Geometry? Geometry is necessary for us to discover patterns, find areas, volumes, lengths and angles,…

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Learning Tools Catalogue

We are happy to publish our catalogue for 2017. Please feel free to download this and share with friends. We would like to see more educational games and resources in the hands of South Africa’s children. Learning Tools Catalog January 2017

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Learning Science with the Bones Series

It is always so exciting to find new products, and introduce them to the South African market. Just in we have some exciting new Science Games – these are especially for the Senior Primary phase, and I know the teachers are going to love them. Food Chain Flip Chart and Food Chain Bones The food…

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Educational Toys for the Family

Kinetic sand is a 3D building toy that mimics the physical properties of wet sand.

Learning is always more fun when the whole family can enjoy it together. These education toys for the family offers a valuable opportunity for families to play and learn together. Kinetic Sand: Construction Zone Kinetic sand is a three-dimensional construction toy that mimics the physical properties of wet sand. Kinetic sand was originally designed for…

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