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Building a good foundation in reading – starting with VOWELS

Vowel Games

Learning letter sounds is one of the first steps in learning to read. And while most consonant sounds come easily to kids, vowel sounds can be an entirely different monster. For one, vowel sounds are not “felt” as much in the mouth as most consonant sounds, making it harder for kids to hear them. Vowel sounds can also be spelled several different ways, making reading and spelling them tricky {even for some adults}.

Vowels are the building blocks of words. By practicing to understand and hear vowels properly, you will also improve spelling; reading; speech; and comprehension.

Below are a few products to help your kids practice and master vowel sounds!

Vowel Owls – R520.00
Help students distinguish long from short vowels in single-syllable words using engaging picture cards. Sort the cards into the correct owls labelled with the vowels.

Short Vowel Dominoes – R410.00

Phonics Short Vowel Dominoes are a fun, hands-on way for beginning readers to practice word-formation skills and build their confidence on the road to reading success. Included are 84 dominoes with high-utility consonants (s, t, m, f, r, b, l, etc.) and 27 phonograms (word families)

Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Bones (40 in a pack) – R470.00

CVC short vowel words are the best place to start when children are learning to read. Because the patterns for short vowels are much more consistent than the patterns for long vowel words, making them easier read and spell. CVC words are the foundation of Phonemic awareness. They are used as the first step to sounding out and reading words.

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