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Working Memory – what is it? And how can we improve it?

Working Memory

You’ve heard of Short-Term Memory, and Long-Term Memory – so what is Working Memory?  Working Memory is an area of the brain that we use while we are manipulating information.   Working Memory is used for carrying out complex tasks such as learning, reasoning and comprehension.  It is a limited space when comparing it to Long-Term…

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Shapeometry educational game to develop reasoning skills.

ShapeOmetry is a fun game that helps develop spatial, abstract and quantitative reasoning skills. BENEFITS: Develops mathematical reasoning Promotes abstract and quantitative reasoning Builds confidence and perseverance Can be played Individually or in partners To read more about this educational game click here.

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Importance of perception in learning to read

Auditory Perception

How do I teach my child how to read, or how do I support my young reader?? Article 1 – Perception Working in the field of childhood learning and education, I often have interested parents asking me how they can help their kids learn to read. Often the child seems ready before the given school…

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Glossary of Perceptual Skills


As discussed in my previous blog post. Perception underlies all the important school tasks including reading, writing, math, memory and spelling. It is vital for the acquisition of both language and knowledge. Without perception learning cannot take place. This is a basic glossary of perceptual skills that you should encourage in your children. Auditory Perception…

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The Importance of Perceptual Development

perceptual development

As new parents you would be forgiven for taking your child’s developmental milestones for granted. What parents often don’t realise is how a child’s perception is developing right from conception. Perceptual development that is vital for a developing child’s cognitive abilities, for him to be able to socialise, develop a sense of self-awareness, master hand-eye…

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What is perception?

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Children learn through their senses. Perception refers to the way we make sense of the world through our sensory system that is our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and sense of touch. We do not merely see, smell, hear, taste or feel something – we must interpret the various stimuli and give it meaning in order…

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