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Kinetic sand is a 3D building toy that mimics the physical properties of wet sand.

Learning is always more fun when the whole family can enjoy it together. These education toys for the family offers a valuable opportunity for families to play and learn together.

Kinetic Sand: Construction Zone

Kinetic sand is a three-dimensional construction toy that mimics the physical properties of wet sand.
Kinetic sand was originally designed for sculpting, but is commonly sold as indoor play sand for children. In appearance it resembles light brown sugar. It can be molded, it sticks to itself, but not to most other materials or surfaces, and best of all it doesn’t dry out. If it is spilled onto the floor it can be cleaned up easily, as it is attracted to itself!

Double Visual Perception Card Game

It is a game of speed, visual perception and reflexes. Even adults will enjoy this game. It’s a simple tin of 55 round playing cards. Every card has 8 symbols on it, selected from a possible 50 (heart, bomb, lips, waving hand, car, etc.) Each card shares one, and only one, matching symbol with every other card in the deck. The trick is to spot the matching symbol. Visual perception is the key to this fast paced game. Players race to find the one matching image between one card and another. Symbols may be different sizes and placed on any part of the card, making them difficult to spot.

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