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Learning Tools Multilingual Products reviewed on 702!

Products to facilitate second language acquisition

Learning Tools had a boost on Saturday morning when our Multilingual Products – Viva Vocab and Conversation Station were reviewed on Radio 702  Weekend Breakfast with Phemelo Motene.


Many thanks to Talent Whisperer, and all around inspiring Nikki Bush for doing such a great job for us.

Learning Tools has developed two products to be used to introduce and enhance the acquisition of a second language.  The can be used, for example, to introduce a rural child to English, or introduce an urban child to Zulu.  They are also designed to enhance vocabulary development and to stimulate Critical Thinking and conversation in the second language.

These products currently support English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa, but are able to support any South African language needed.

Historically a second language has been taught with a focus on grammar and sentences first and then onto vocabulary.  Recently, however, many teachers have realised that learning vocabulary first leads to an easier transition into the second language.  Learning grammar and how to construct sentences is easier once the child has a reasonable base of vocabulary to draw on.

The development of the African Voice products is based on this concept of building a solid foundation of vocabulary in the second language before tackling other aspects of the language.

Conversation Station –

This game is all about stimulating conversation, and building vocabulary.  Each card has a truly South African photo on the one side, and critical thinking questions in all four of the target languages on the reverse.  It also has a list of vocabulary words along the bottom.  The questions are asked initially in Mother Tongue, and the vocabulary is introduced in the Second Language.

Viva Vocab –

Is a specialised vocabulary building game.  It is a flash card game – with a picture of an object on the one side, and the vocabulary word on the reverse.  The vocabulary is repeated in the target languages.  Viva Vocab has over 250 of the CAPS vocabulary words.  These words are categorised, and each category is colour coded.  The phonetic transcription of the word is included with each language.  This assists the learner to begin pronouncing the word in the right way.

We would LOVE you to try these – please contact me is you would like more info?

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