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Learning Resources for Children


Mental Maths

Mental Maths Games

14 Oct 2015

We are all about Mental Maths this week This week we are focusing on mental maths. Mental maths is an excellent way to stimulate one’s mind. Not only does it generally stimulate your mind, but it also helps one get a better “number sense.” In other words one becomes more familiar with how numbers interact–this…

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Pop for counting cards feature numerals and sets of objects for young children to count.

Pop games promotion

5 Oct 2015

This week Learning Tools is promoting all the Pop games. Try Pop for Addition and Subtraction as a quick, fun game to practice these vital early maths skills. Kids love the game, and they won’t even realise the learning that is taking place while they play. The pop for addition and subtraction is a fast-paced…

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Second Language Acquisition

Learning new languages starts at home

25 Sep 2015

Have you ever wondered how to start learning another South African language? Either for yourself, or how to start your children on a second language? Here’s a good way to start: We have two games to help jump start your child (and you!) with a second language. Conversation Station and Viva Vocab have been developed…

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Brain Box Dinosaurs Visual Perception

Brainbox Dinosaurs

27 Jul 2015

Customer review: Learning Tools is an amazing site for mothers with children, even if it is aimed at teachers and schools. It offers educational gifts, games and resources for purchase online. We bought the Brainbox Dinosaurs game from the Learning Tools website for our two and half year old boy recently. The purchasing system was…

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Adult Literacy

Critical thinking

2 Jul 2015

South Africa is a multi-language country – not many other countries can boast having 11 official languages, but here in South Africa we are proud of all of them. But having this many languages has its difficulties. Our education system starts learners off in their mother tongue, and then switches to English abruptly in Grade…

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African Voice |

African Voice

1 Jun 2015

Over the past 6 months I have developed 2 educational resources that are designed to facilitate critical thinking and help with second language acquisition. The rationale is that the same resource can be used for the younger child (aged 5 – 7) in mother tongue, and then in the older child (aged 9 – 12)…

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Gender Differences and Education

18 May 2015

The topic of our genders and their differences has always been a sensitive one. Although stereotyping is a lot less acceptable now than it was even just a decade ago, not many people can say that they have never used the phrase “typical man” or “woman”, a phrase most often used to highlight the negative…

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Glossary of Perceptual Skills

2 May 2015

As discussed in my previous blog post. Perception underlies all the important school tasks including reading, writing, math, memory and spelling. It is vital for the acquisition of both language and knowledge. Without perception learning cannot take place. This is a basic glossary of perceptual skills that you should encourage in your children. Auditory Perception…

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perceptual development

The Importance of Perceptual Development

1 Apr 2015

As new parents you would be forgiven for taking your child’s developmental milestones for granted. What parents often don’t realise is how a child’s perception is developing right from conception. Perceptual development that is vital for a developing child’s cognitive abilities, for him to be able to socialise, develop a sense of self-awareness, master hand-eye…

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Contact |

What is perception?

17 Mar 2015

Children learn through their senses. Perception refers to the way we make sense of the world through our sensory system that is our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and sense of touch. We do not merely see, smell, hear, taste or feel something – we must interpret the various stimuli and give it meaning in order…

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