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3D Shape Bingo

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3D Shape bingo allows children to practice identifying 3D Geometric Shapes using everyday language such as faces, edges, sides, lines of symmetry. A Pack includes 6 boards and 54 Cards.

As children progress through primary school, their understanding of 3D shapes and their properties intensifies. A 3D shape is a geometric figure that has three dimensions, width, depth and height. 3D shapes differ from 2D shapes because they have thickness.

We classify 3D shapes by the number and size of their faces, the number of their vertices, and by the number and size of their edges. Faces – these are the flat parts of the 3D shape. Edges – these are the sides of the faces, where two faces meet. Vertices – These are the corners or points of the shape.

Children need to learn the terminology used to describe each aspect of the 3D shape. Use the 3D Shape bingo to help learners deepen their understanding of 3 dimensional Shapes.

3D Shape bingo is an excellent resource for practicing using this terminology in a fun and engaging way. All children love playing games, and by using games in the maths classroom the teacher is able to motivate the children to practice their learning material in a novel and motivating way.

The 3D Shape Bingo are screen printed onto the high quality yellow plastic. Research shows that black printed onto yellow materials optimises visual clarity. The 3D Shape Bingo has been manufactured and designed in according to the highest quality European standards.

There are 6 Board included in a pack, and 54 cards. This resource is ideal for group work. 3D Shape bingo can also be used as a whole class activity, where children are grouped around a board. Use non-consequential rewards as a motivator in this great game. For example, the winning team can be let out to break 5 minutes early!

3D Shape Bingo is an excellent resource for practicing using maths terminology and identifying the properties of 3 D shapes.

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