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Aroma Dough Teenage Range

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More than a stress ball, it’s Aroma dough is a handful of health.

There are 3 Aroma dough tubs in the Teenage range – Relax, Study and Relief

The Relax tub is infused with lavender, neroli and cedarwood to easy depression and anxiety

The Study tub combines lemon grass, lime and lavender to boost concentration.

The Relief tub is infused with Spearmint and ginger to easy headaches and nausea.

What is Aroma dough?

It’s a firm but soft dough ball infused with a range of carefully selected essential oils and combined with a variety of natural ingredients. The dough moisturises your hands and simultaneously awakens your senses and boosts your well being.

An Aromo dough health ball comprises between thirteen and seventeen ingredients.

Aroma dough: The fastest path to your brain is through your nose, take a hit of health!

How does it work:

Essentials oils are powerful natural essences which can penetrate areas of your body that even some traditional medicines can’t.

The essential oil molecules are absorbed into your system via topical application as well as through inhalation. The molecules reach the cilia receptors which regulates the central nervous system and can instantly rejuvenate, soothe and calm.


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