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Base Ten Classroom Set

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Base Ten blocks are a mathematical manipulative used by students to practise early maths concepts. The blocks can be used to teach and reinforce addition, subtraction, number sense, place value and counting. This unique classroom set of base ten components conveniently interlocks. Physically manipulating objects is an important technique used in learning basic mathematical principles, particularly at the early stages of cognitive development. The hands-on interactive blocks enable students to manipulate and visualize varying quantities with ease. More advanced students can explore spatial relationships and volume.

Base Ten Classroom Set Product Description

This plastic set is washable and durable for years of hands-on activities. Great for whole-class instruction, small groups or individual exploration. Boxed set features 600 units, 200 rods, 20 flats, 3 cubes and 112-page Base Ten Book filled with clever teaching ideas.

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