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Cat Crimes Logic Game – the who’s to blame logic game

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Tangled yarn and a missing bird… which of the six furry fiends was responsible for each Cat Crime? With a little logic and problem solving you’ll be able to use paw prints, toy placement and other clues to figure out exactly where each Cat was sitting at the time of the crime.

Cat Crime Logic Game Skills:

  • Logic and Problem Solving
  • Visual Perception and
  • Reasoning

Age: 8 and Up

Players: 1 Player



  • Game Board
  • 6 Cat Tokens (with token stands)
  • 6 Crime Tokens
  • 40 Challenge Cards with Solutions



Use the clues given to place the Cats around the edges of the Game Board and determine the identity of the guilty Cat.



Read each clue on the Challenge Card. Determine the placement of Cats that would satisfy all of the clues listed. Once you’ve placed all the Cats around the edges of the Game Board and can name the Cat sitting in front of the Crime Token – you’ve caught the Cat culprit! YOU WIN!



Each clue references a specific Cat, an identifying trait, a position relative to the Birdcage or Fish Bowl, or an item of supporting evidence illustrated on the Game Board. Each Cat has two identifying traits that may be mentioned in the clues. These traits are listed in the Cat Bios on pages 3 – 5. The Game Board contains six Crime Token Positions, plus illustrations of six types of supporting evidence (See “Game Board Legend” on pages 6 & 7). Each type of evidence appears twice, and each space on the Game Board includes a different combination of two forms of evidence.



  • Some clues state the exact location of a Cat by telling you the two forms of evidence in front of where a Cat is sitting. Start with these clues.
  • Clues do not have to be used in the order given.
  • Look for multiple clues that mention the same Cat and see how you can use these clues together.
  • Look to see if you can rule out placements where the information from one clue would conflict with another clue.

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