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Circuit Maze Electric Current Logic Game

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Electric Current Logic Game Circuit Maze™ is an electricity puzzle game. To play, you build a circuit pathway across the Game Grid from Start to Finish. When you complete your circuit and light up the designated Beacons, YOU WIN!

Techlicious Best of Toy Fair 2016

Ignite your logic and sequential reasoning skills with Circuit Maze! Your goal is to arrange the tokens to create a real circuit that lights up the different coloured Beacons. These clever circuit-building puzzles provide a boost of brainpower and a wonderful introduction to electrical engineering. Circuit Maze is challenging and fun. Plus, hands-on circuit building teaches you how electricity really works. You’ll develop a good mental model for how current flows through an electrical circuit as you play.
With 60 challenges ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert, this logic game will provide engineers of all levels with hours of electrifying fun.


Logic Games New Games


Logic and Problem Solving


8 and Up


1 Player


  • 1 Game Grid
  • 60 Challenge Cards from Beginner to Expert with Solutions
  • Instructions
  • 21 Game Tokens (1 Two-Part Power Source, 3 LED Beacons, 2 Straights, 2 Bridges, 2 Double Corners, 2 T-Shapes, 5 Corners, 1 Switch and 3 Blockers)


For each challenge, build a continuous metal strip pathway from Start to Finish that lights up the designated Beacons on your Challenge Card.

The beacons:

Begin each challenge by identifying which Beacons you will use, and whether the Challenge Card designates them to be lit or to stay dark. Every challenge will include at least one illuminated Beacon.

NOT INCLUDED: 3 AAA batteries. These must be loaded into the Battery Housing in the START Token (+).


  1. Select a Challenge Card.
  2. Set up the tokens on your game grid to match the symbols illustrated on the Challenge Card.
    NOTE: The exact location and orientation of some tokens will be given. If the symbol contains a ROTATE sign, it is up to you to figure out the orientation.
  3. Select the tokens underneath the words “ADD TO GRID” for use in this challenge. Any remaining tokens will not be used.
  4. Identify the Beacons you must light to solve the challenge.

Steps to play:

  1. Place the designated tokens onto the game grid.
  2. Place and position tokens as specified on Challenge Card.
  3. You must use all the designated tokens, all must be part of the circuit.
  4. When the designated Beacons light up, YOU WIN!

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