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Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Bones CVC Bones (40 in a pack)

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CVC words are words that follow the pattern Consonant-Vowel-Consonant. These are considered the simplest words and the starting point of many phonics programs (after some work on initial sounds). These words highlight the short vowels such as the “a” in cat, the “e” in bed, the “i” in fin, the “o” in top, and the “u” in sub.

CVC short vowel words are the best place to start when children are learning to read. Because the patterns for short vowels are much more consistent than the patterns for long vowel words, making them easier read and spell. CVC words are the foundation of Phonemic awareness. They are used as the first step to sounding out and reading words.

To help children sound out CVC words, first start with the children sounding out each letter as they see them.

  1. Say the letter sounds.
  2. Stretch out the sounds.
  3. Blend the sounds together. (Say them a little faster.)
  4. Say the word.

How to use the bones:

Each Bone has a “slider” that can be moved to conceal part of the CVC word. Children need to work out which part of the word has been concealed. The CVC Bones also have a picture of the word that helps clue the children into the sounds they are looking for.

For example: In CVC Bones a Bone may have the word “bed” – The slider can be moved to conceal any part of this CVC word.

The dimensions of each CVC bone is 270mm x 60mm. There are 40 different CVC words depicted offering plenty of practice for the whole class.

The “Bones” series of products are new to Learning Tools and we are very excited to introduce them to the South African market.

The Bones are screen printed onto the high quality yellow plastic. Research shows that black printed onto yellow materials optimises visual clarity. The Bones are manufactured and designed in according to the highest quality European standards.

The Bone is a high quality plastic product that has been manufactured with a “slider” in the centre. The slider can be moved according to the teacher’s discretion to conceal a specific part of the maths sum in question. The product offers children practical ways in which to engage in the area of learning being presented by the teacher.

This is an excellent resource for the whole class!


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