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Counting Hands Classroom Kit

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Counting Hands is a versatile product that can be used at different developmental levels, and to practice many different skills. Sort, graph, sequence and make patterns with fun counting hands. Use the hand buttons and laminated activity cards to explore addition, subtraction and data collection.

By using the Counting Hands children are sharpening their visual discrimination, which will later help them recognise differences among letters, words and sentences. They are also using mathematical thinking skills in a playful way. They can also practice sequencing and lacing activities, counting and matching, graphing, and sorting into groups. There are activities in the teacher guide to extend children learning further when necessary.

What’s included?

The Counting Hands Classroom kit includes 144 hand shaped buttons in 6 different shapes, with fingers demonstrating 0 – 5. It includes Laminated activity cards and a teacher’s guide. The teacher’s guide has questions to engage the children’s thinking.

Here is a review on the Counting Hands Classroom Kit:

I just love button manipulatives so I was thrilled when I was sent us their Counting Hands Classroom Kit to review! I love it because it comes with SO many pieces! It has 144 hand buttons in 6 different shapes and also includes dry erase activity cards and an activity guide. The hand buttons demonstrate numbers 0-5 which really allows you quite a variety of activities to do.

I love the activity sheets because they are laminated which makes them last longer and are reusable for dry erase activities. Not to mention that you can come up with your own activity sheets, laminate them, and store them in your classroom kit. The possibilities are really endless. You can even use the hands button for completely separate activities from the kids and grouping activities or sequencing.

For example – “Which counting hands are alike?” You can ask the students to separate them by colour or by number of fingers showing! AND if you look closely at the hand buttons you’ll see that in the palm of the hand are holes punched out – this represents the numbers of fingers that are represented on the button.

Using a Venn Diagram is another great variety that you can choose by colors of the hand buttons or numbers indicated on the fingers.

Counting Hands is a great set and comes with plenty of buttons so even if the students lose some you have plenty to spare! This set has great versatility that can be used across a wide range of ages and levels. You are really only limited by your creativity here. You can use the buttons for subtraction, addition, graphing and more! Plus create your own worksheets to add to the set!

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