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Cubes Writing Prompt

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Writing Prompt Cubes can be used to give students a creative start to write sentences, a paragraph, or a short story. The hands-on activities will give students the opportunity to have fun with writing and storytelling! This set includes six multi-colored cubes with different writing prompts printed on each side.

Suggested Activities for Cubes Writing Prompt

Story on the Spot

Pass the cubes around the room. Have one of the students with a cube stand up and roll the cube. On the spot, have them tell a story, or a statement about what they just rolled. This story can either be real or made up.

Story Starters

Use the Writing Prompt Cubes when writing a story. Have a student roll a cube then go back to their desk and write about what they rolled. This can be done with every student or just when they are having trouble thinking about what to write. Keep the story starter cubes in a writing center for students to use when they are stumped for a writing topic.

Same but Different

Have students pair up for a writing activity. Have one person roll the cube. Both students will write about what was rolled. After they have completed their story they should share with each other to see how the stories differ or how they are the same. If time permits read a couple stories to the whole class. This can also be done with the whole class writing about the same prompt. Students can write a story with a partner to help with their creativity and teamwork.

Journal Time

The teacher can roll a cube to use as a journal prompt. Students will start their journal entry with the same prompt. Journal entries do not get shared with the class, as some private topics may be written.

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