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Fact Family Boards

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Use these math–fact triangles again and again! Familiar triangle format offers a powerful method for building number fact fluency and teaching a fact family. Each wipe clean board focuses on both addition/subtraction (on front side) and multiplication/division (on reverse). Supports development of higher–level algebraic skills such as equation building, the commutative property and problem solving. These sturdy boards offer a write & wipe surface on both sides of the board. Triangle boards measure 10″H. The Fact Family Boards come in a set of 5 and are suitable for use from Grade 1 up. Perfect for use at school or at home.

What is a Fact Family

The definition of “Fact Family is a collection of related addition and subtraction facts, or multiplication and division facts, made from the same numbers. For example, for the numbers 7, 8, and 15, the addition/subtraction fact family consists of 7 + 8 = 15, 8 + 7 = 15, 15 – 8 = 7, 15 – 7 = 8.

Benefits of Maths Manipulatives

Hands-on resources such as the Fact Family boards add some variety to lessons and help keep children engaged in the subject they are learning. If children “do” while they learn mastery of new skills and solidifying of established skills becomes easier and more fun!

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