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Finger Paint Sensations Kit

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The Finger Paint Sensation Kit consists of Food Grade additives that you can “add to your favourite finger paint” to give it sensational appeal.

Finger paint with more than your fingers!

Finger painting is all about the sensation of touching the paint, and manipulating the materials. The Finger Paint Sensation Kit takes this a step further. There are 10 additives to add to your finger paint to boost the sensory experience.

The Ten Finger Paint Sensations are:

  • fine grit,
  • funny fibres,
  • coarse grit,
  • squishy,
  • soft,
  • frictionless,
  • dissolving,
  • roly-poly,
  • stringy,
  • goopy.

The additives are food grade safe, and have been chosen because they are not likely to cause any allergic reactions. The additives are also washable
Mix up the washable additives and use right away or store overnight in an airtight container. Includes teacher guide with ideas to invigorate finger painting. 870 g 10 finger paint additives.

Visually impaired or sensory challenged students will find the textures interesting and helpful. Normal Sighted children can benefit from a tactile experience! For adventurous students and teachers try using a blindfold and ask them to describe the experience as they paint.

You can create additional experiences with the Finger Paint Sensation Kit by experimenting with temperature. Add the additive to the paint, and place a small amount in the microwave to make the paint warm, or in the fridge to make the paint cool. Please Note: Ensure that the temperatures are relatively moderate.


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