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My First Bananagrams Word Game

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A Green banana of the younger Bananagrams bunch!

My First Bananagrams uses lowercase letters and word-building, combo-letter tiles to help nurture your child’s love for wordplay and word games.  With multiple mini-games and activities, they’ll enjoy a step-by-step play progression towards the original Bananagrams experience.

Special Features of My First Banangrams

Help reinforce early reading skills using My First Banangrams, as all the tiles are lowercase letters.

Each tile has a baseline – and elevated bottom indicates the letter orientation.

Letters that are commonly reversed by children are depicted in different colours so that children can tell them apart easily.

Certain tiles are linked to form combination letter tiles:

Vowel teams – ai; ea; ee; oo

Word Families – an; at; et; un; qu

Digraphs – ch; sh; th; wh

How to play My First Banangrams

Set up – 1 to 4 players

  1. Place all 80 single-letter tiles face-down in the centre of the table. These form the BUNCH.
  2. All players take 15 single-letter tiles

Object – be the first to use all your letters in a connected word-grid without a spelling mistake, proper noun, or abbreviation

  1. To start, any player calls out “SPLIT!” Everyone simultaneously turns their tiles face-up and races to arrange them in their own intersecting word grid.  Words must read left to righ horizontally, or top to bottom vertically.  IMPORTANT: You may rearrange your grid at any time, as often as you like.
  2. At any time during the game, you can say “Swap” and put one of your tiles back, face-down in the bunch. Then, you must take a tile to replace the old one.  This has no effect on the other players, and there is no limit to the number of times you can swap out tiles.


When you use ALL your letters, in a connected word grid, call out “BANANAS!” Play stops, and everyone inspects your completed grid.

If someone spots a misspelled word, proper noun, or abbreviation, they call out “Spotted Banana!” – Don’t worry, you can fix your grid, because the game now resumes for ALL players.

Play continues until someone again calls out “Bananas!”.  The first player to complete a grid correctly wins, and is declared TOP BANANA!

Advanced Play

All players take 2 Combo-letter tiles and 15 single letter tiles.

Mix in the Combo-Titles face-down with the single-letter tiles.  Combo-Letters can only be used horizontally, but can be built upon vertically.  When SWAPPING, you must take a single letter tile for a single letter, or a combo-letter tile for a combo-letter tile in exchange

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