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Folding Geometric Shapes

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Folding Geometric Shapes

The Folding Geometric Shapes set includes eight three-dimensional shapes: cube, cylinder, cone, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, hexagonal prism,
rectangular prism, and triangular prism. The set is unique because it shows the shapes in a solid form as well as in a fl at form. The fl at form of a shape is referred to as the net of that shape. The net shows what the shape looks like in its two-dimensional form. This form of the shape is useful for teaching many concepts such as symmetry, perimeter, and surface area. Note: In order to prevent tearing of the shapes, do not twist them. The clear casing is used to store the folding shape and present the shape in its solid three-dimensional form. This casing is also useful for teaching volume of the shapes. Note: To make sure the lids are on correctly, match the marks on the lid to the corresponding marks on the clear casing.

Folding geometric Shapes Activities

Mix and Match

Divide the nets into one pile and the solid shapes into another. Challenge students to match the nets to the shapes without folding them. Then, check their answers by folding the nets into the shapes. Afterward, discuss the similarities and differences among the shapes.

Face to Face

Place all the shapes on a table and discuss the similarities and differences among them. Get students thinking by asking questions such as, “Which shapes come to a point? Which shapes have mostly rectangular faces?” Draw or photocopy a Venn diagram for a dynamic visual aid!

Vital Vocabulary

Display all the illustrated solids and introduce words such as face, edge and vertex. Use the shapes as examples during discussion.

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