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Jungle Logic

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A game of logic to get you thinking! This great game uses the principles of Sudoku to keep your kids thinking for hours! 30 challenges from easier to more difficult – 1 player.



  • 9 animal tokens (3 buffaloes, 3 jaguars, 3 monkeys),
  • 30 challenge cards (of increasing levels of difficulty).


Object of Jungle Logic:

  • To fill the grid with the 9 tokens.


Playing the Jungle Logic game:

  • Place the 9 tokens on the table and lay the challenge cards to one side.
  • Take one challenge card and try to fill the grid with the 9 tokens, respecting the indications given:

– If an animal is already drawn on the grid, place one of the 3 tokens of that animal on the square.

– The indication (number + animal) on the margin of the grid indicates the exact number of tokens of that animal contained in the row or column.


Checking the solution:

After filling the grid, check that ALL of the indications around the margins have been followed. There is only one, unique solution to each grid. Solutions can be found at the end of the booklet.

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