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Little Additions

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Little Additions is a fun and easy way to practice simple additions.  Little additions game is part of the Eduludo range by Djeco.

Place 2 ducks in the pond and add 4 frogs. How many animals can you count? Turn the card over to check the answer.


  • 1 board,
  • 40 animal tokens,
  • 9 answer cards (from 2 to 10),
  • 30 double-sided question cards.


To match the right answer with the given addition.


Preparing to play:

Place the board in front of the child and lay the tokens and answer cards to one side. Take one question card and place it question side up next to the board.


Principle of the game:

Help the child find which tokens to use and select the right number of them:

2 dragonflies + 2 goldfish.

The child places the tokens on the board and then counts how many tokens are present on the board. He or she then looks for the answer card which matches the total number of tokens on the board and places it next to the board.

Finally, the child can turn the question card over to see the answer: Before taking a new question card, it may be worthwhile repeating the sum with the child: 2 + 2 = 4

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