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Lunch Box Memory Game

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Lunch Box Memory Game encourage healthy eating and improve memory skills with this tasty lunch box game.


Using familiar and simple lotto gameplay, players identify healthy food and improve their memory skills as they race to fill their lunch box with tasty items! Cards feature bright and bold illustrations of healthy lunchbox foods from strawberries to raisins.


Play can become more interactive for olders players by saying aloud the name of the different foods as they pick them up and discussing different types of healthy foods.  An excellent game for improving memory skills.




4 jigged lunchbox boards

24 item cards

1 instruction leaflet



To be the first player to collect all the healthy items in their lunch box.


To play

  • Each player takes two halves of a lunch box and pieces them together. The healthy food item cards are spread out, face downwards, on the table.
  • The youngest player begins by turning over a card.
  • If the item on the card is shown in the player’s lunch box, the player puts the card on their board. If the card is not in the player’s lunch box, it must be shown to the other players and then returned to the table, face downwards.
  • Play passes to the person on the player’s left.
  • Play continues until one player has collected all the items in their lunch box.


The winner

The winner is the first player to collect all the healthy items in their lunch box.

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