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Magnetic Lowercase Letters

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Magnetic Lowercase Letters promote letter identification, letter-sound relationships, and alphabet skills. Set includes 4 full alphabet sets – enough for many activities!

Suggested Activities

LETTER LINE UP Line up the letter in a-b-c order on a magnetic board or other magnetic surface.

ALL SORTS OF SORTS Sort the letters in different ways. Blue letters and red letters. Letters with curves and letters without curves. Round letters and straight letters. Letters in your name and letters not in your name.

WHAT’S MISSING Line up a string of letters. Point to each letter and say it aloud then have children close their eyes while you remove some letters. Now let them look again and see if they can identify the missing letters. This activity can be repeated many times with various lengths of letters and different letters removed each time. The activity can be very easy e.g. use only 3 or 4 letters and remove one, or more advanced – use a long string of letters and remove more than one to be identified.

TRACING LETTERS Have students place a letter on a piece of paper. Using pencils have children trace around the letter. This helps students understand letter shapes and simplifies letter identification. You can even let the students find all the letters in their name and trace over those letters.

SPELL IT! Write down familiar words on a piece of paper. Use easy words such as me,cat, love etc. Have students find the letters that spell these words. Lay the letters down on the paper next to the word that was written down and make sure they match.

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