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Magnetic Punctuation

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Punctuation marks are essential in everyday writing. They show the reader where sentences start and finish and, used properly, make writing clear, effective and easy to understand. Use this set of jumbo-sized punctuation marks and suggested activities to demonstrate, and allow students to explore, how to use punctuation correctly in their writing.

Colourful jumbo –sized magnets are perfect from front of class display and encourage class participation as students demonstrate correct punctuation on your whiteboard. Ideal for helping students prepare for the spelling, punctuation and grammar tests

Set includes:

  • Four Full stops
  • Four Apostrophes
  • Four Commas
  • Two Colons
  • Two Semi-colons
  • Three Question marks
  • Three Exclamation marks
  • Four Brackets
  • Four Single inverted commas
  • Four Double inverted commas
  • One Ellipsis
  • One Hyphen
  • Largest piece measures 11cm

Using the Magnetic Punctuation Set

This set can be used for demonstration on any magnetic receptive surface.Introduce the punctuation marks to your students on a gradual basis. Write a series of sentences on the whiteboard and provide a small selection of basic punctuation marks. Invite individual students to walk up to the whiteboard and correctly punctuate the sentence. As learning progresses, introduce a wider range of punctuation marks and increase the complexity of the sentence/passage. Also, model sentences that are incorrectly punctuated and have students rearrange to read properly.

Care Instructions

Should any dry or wet-erase marker pen be used on the magnetic pieces, be sure to erase with a damp cloth. Do not saturate the magnet. Too much water will damage the product. Do not bend the magnets as this will decrease their magnetism.

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