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Mix and Match Emotions Stencils

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Discover & explore emotions with these Mix and Match Emotions Stencils! Each ethnically diverse boy & girl represents a basic emotion. Create more subtle emotions by mixing elements. Trace the stencils to create over 30 different combinations! Approximately 20 cm x 20cm. Includes idea guide. 6 stencils

Use these stencils to help children develop their recognition of emotions and broaden their own range of expressions.


Have several mirrors on hand so that children can experiment making different emotions.

Let’s get started.

Gather your choice of paper, paint, wool, markers, pencils crayons and crayons. Pop out and discard all the interior pieces from the stencils. Lay out your stencil and ask children to create a range of expressions. Use just one stencil or mix and match different characteristics of various stencils to create an original face. Use wool, crayons and other art supplies to finish off your face.


Draw on skin tone paper and ad hair out of coloured wool.

Focus on emotions with these great project ideas:

Make Handsome Hand puppets – trace or past your face on a paper bag. Encourage children to write out a play staring their new puppets.

Emotional Discussions – talk about eight primary emotions: joy, fear, anticipation, sadness, disgust, anger, submission and acceptance. Discuss other emotions and how they relate to these eight. Ask children to recreate emotions using different elements of the stencils.

Wall Murals and Portraits: Create a mural or series of portraits focusing on different emotions for reference when discussing feelings. Us the unique border of the stencils to create a frame for your portraits. Add speech bubbles and label the emotions. When situations arise ask children to indicate on the mural which emotions were expressed.

Unique Cards: Use a variety of expressions to create cards. Draw emotions to illustrate different occasions and make birthday, get well soon, sympathy and mothers day cards.

Use the stencils as reference s when creating or drawing various faces. Combine features to make these emotions: Silly, Sleepy, bored and excite.


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