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Number and Shape Dominoes

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This chunky shape dominoes is designed to help children recognise 2D shapes and their descriptions.
geometry is the area of mathematics that involves shape, size, position, direction, and movement and describes and classifies the physical world we live in

Why do we need Geometry? Geometry is necessary for us to discover patterns, find areas, volumes, lengths and angles, and better understand the world around us. In the Primary school children are taught the fundamentals of geometry beginning with shapes.

Shapes are the building blocks of geometry. Learning about shapes is a fundamental step in the basics of maths. Children need to start to understand what the properties of shape are, and how to classify shapes.

The first stage of a child’s learning geometry consists on recognizing geometric shapes by their appearances without paying attention to their component parts (such as the sides and the angles).

Number and Shape Dominoes is designed for the Foundation Phase child. It is a resource aimed at reinforcing the basic principles of early geometric shapes, and encouraging children to practice them. Number and Shape Dominoes combines an image of a 2D shape, and a basic description of the shape. For example: “is round” or “square” or “four corners and four equal sides”

Through using the concept of a domino game, children then reinforce their early shape knowledge to play this game. By matching an image of a 2D shape tp a description of the shape, the child will place their domino piece down.

There are 28 Number and Shape Dominoes in the pack. This resource is ideal for group work. Use non-consequential rewards as a motivator in this great game. The Number and Shape Dominoes are screen printed onto the high quality yellow plastic. Research shows that black printed onto yellow materials optimises visual clarity. The Number and Shape Dominoes have been manufactured and designed in according to the highest quality European standards.

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