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Pop for Addition and Subtraction maths game

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The Pop for Addition and Subtraction is a fast-paced maths game that lets you spin to practice basic facts—keep the gumballs for right answers. This early maths game is ideal for practicing vital early maths skills. The sums are never bigger than ten, but are not restricted to the bonds of ten.

Excellent Maths Game for Foundation Phase children

The game is about collecting tokens – if you come up with a correct answer for the maths sum on the token you pull from the box, you get to keep the token. Collect 5 tokens (or any number) and you are the winner. Watch out for the tokens that have the word “Pop” on them. If you pull one of these, you need to put all your collected tokens back in the box and start again. It makes for a great game – and the best is that the strongest mathematician isn’t always the winner!

Includes in the game are 90 math-fact cards (1–10), 10 POP cards, spinner and guide (printed on box) There are two levels of play and three game variations for differing maths ability.

This game is best suited for Foundation Phase children. It can be used to increase maths skill in the formative years, and improve accuracy and consolidate skills in older years.

Fun for the whole family, or an excellent classroom resource! Try Pop for Addition and Subtraction – and excellent early maths game.

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