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Pop for Rhyming Auditory Perception

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Pop for Rhyming is a fun pre-reading game that is great for auditory perception, phonological awareness and other essential pre-reading skills.

“Pop for Rhyming” develops phonemic awareness through a fast paced fun game. Phonemic awareness is a component of auditory perception. Use this great game to boost your child’s rhyming ability and help them learn this necessary skill.

This auditory perception game includes 80 jumbo sized cards (4cm each – perfect for little hands) with pictures of them. Pull a picture card from the box, say what you see in the picture (“cat”), then say a word that rhymes to keep your card. Start collecting the cards and you will be the winner. But watch out for the “Pop” cards – if you pull one of those, you need to put all your collected cards back into the box.

This auditory perception game can be played on two levels:

How to Play Level 1

  • Place the bubble jar in the middle of the table.
  • On your turn, spin to see how many bubble cards to take.
  • Take the bubble cards out of the box. Say the name of the object on the card and then say a word that rhymes.
  • If you say a rhyme correctly, keep the card. If you say a rhyme incorrectly, place the card in a separate pile.
  • If you draw a “POP” card, return all your cards to the box and remove the “POP” card from play.
  • Take turns playing until someone gets 10 bubble cards.
  • The player who has 10 bubble cards is the winner.

How to Play Level 2

  • Play the same as in Level 1 except take turns until the bubble jar is empty.
  • The player who has the most bubble cards at the end of the game wins.

This fast-paced game includes durable a bubble-jar container with guide printed on the outside, 80 bubble-shaped cards and a spinner. There are 10 Pop cards in the box. The colourful illustrations on each of the bubble cards will engage the young learner. There are also instructions printed on the side of the box for convenience.

Have fun with the young learner as they practice their auditory perception.

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