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Pop for Word Families Spelling Game

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Boost spelling with this great game. Pop for Word Families focuses on the endings of words. Pull out a popcorn token from Pop for Word Families and create words using the spelling of that ending e.g “-and” or “_up. There are two difficulty levels for differing spelling abilities.

Improve spelling and reading fluency with this great game

The game is about collecting tokens – if you come up with a correct word using the Word Family you pull from the box, you get to keep the token. Collect 5 tokens (or any number) and you are the winner. Watch out for the tokens that have the word “Pop” on them. If you pull one of these, you need to put all your collected tokens back in the box and start again. It makes for a great game – and the best is that the strongest reader and speller isn’t always the winner!

Start with 2-letter Word Families, then move up to 3-letter Word Families and even rhyming practice. An excellent tool for the classroom or the home. Great for practicing spelling when the children aren’t even aware of it!

This game is particularly suited to children learning to read. Assist them with their learning by playing games – it will deepen their learning experience and add joy to the time. Literacy games are proven to improve children’s focus and concentration. They are also excellent at focusing the child at the task on hand. Help children practice reading with this excellent game!

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