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Fraction Dominoes

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A fun twist on traditional dominoes! Reinforce important maths skills with this game for 2-4 players. The Rainbow Fraction dominoes feature numeric and visual fraction representations.

A game with Rainbow Fraction Dominoes: Building Blocks


To be the player with the least amount of dominoes at the end

Set up

Shuffle the dominoes and hand out six dominoes to each player. Place the remaining dominoes on one draw pile. Turn over the top domino as the starter domino.

Playing the game

  • Decide on who the first player will be. He then looks at the dominoes in his hand and tries to match one with the starter domino.
  • Once a player matches one of their dominoes they must pick up another from the draw pile
  • If a match cannot be made the player must draw another domino from the draw pile and his turn is over (even if the drawn domino can make a match)
  • It is now the next player’s turn
  • Dominoes can be matched in 3 ways – numeric to fraction fraction to fraction or numeric to numeric
  • Only fractions with the same numeric value count as a match
  • Once all the dominoes from the draw pile have been used up play continues as you try to get rid of as many dominoes as possible out f your hand
  • Play continues until a player has only one domino left or until no more matches cab be made
  • The player with the least amount of dominoes in their wins

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