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Reading Comprehension Cards Grade 5

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Reading Comprehension Cards Grade 5 is a collection of 60 progressively difficult stories. The set includes non-fiction and fiction stories to engage students with varied interests and learning styles and expose them to different genres. The non-fiction stories are based on content areas of math, science, and social studies for third grade. The stories include five multiple-choice questions for students to answer after reading the stories orally or silently.

The set is designed to provide supplemental activities to a reading program and can be used in a language learning station, whole-class activity,
or independent work. Cards are sequentially numbered to encourage independent practice and self-pacing. The cards are leveled in progression of reading ability to allow teachers to challenge students at individual reading levels.

Each card from the Reading Comprehension Cards Grade 5 set includes a short story and photograph to aid comprehension. Use the story cards individually or photocopy them for small-group, homework or whole-class reading activities. Five multiple-choice comprehension questions are listed on the reverse side of each story card. The questions focus on subjects found on standardized tests: main idea, cause and effect, sequencing, predicting outcomes, making inferences, context clues, and drawing conclusions.

Use the student answer-sheet template card to track answers and scores

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