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Rings Up! Face paced matching game

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Rings Up! is a fast-paced matching game where players race to stack different coloured rings on their fingers based on the order shown on the challenge card.

Rings Up! Gives you 50 original challenges to play with your friends.  Each challenge will require you to be quick, observant, and agile if you want to be crowned the winner.  Different ways to play the game makes it fun to play with your friends and your family.

Object of the game

Each round, players race to stack rings on their thumbs in the order shown on the current challenge card.  The first player to win 7 challenges wins the game.

Set up

Shuffle the challenge cards and place them as a face-down pile in the centre of the table.

Choose which game mode you want to play.  If players can’t agree, the youngest one decides.  For your first few games, we recommend you choose the “classic” game.

The game is played in several rounds.

Playing Rings Up

To begin the game, the oldest player takes the top challenge card from the pile and places it face-up in the middle of the table so that all players can clearly see it.

Once the card for the round has been revealed, all players simultaneously race to stack the correct combination of rings onto their thumb in the order indicated on the challenge card.

The first player to finish lifts his thumb up in the air and calls out “OK!”

Everyone then stocks stacking their rings to verify that the player has correctly matched the order shown on the challenge card.

  • If the player is correct, he takes the challenge car and lays it down in front of him. He scores one point
  • If the player is incorrect, he is out of the rest of the current challenge. The remaining players continue, still using the same card.

After each round, return all the rings to the starting position and get ready to begin a new challenge.

End of the game

The first player to win seven challenges wins the game.

Game Modes


Each player received two rings of each colour (two yellow, two green, two red and two blue) and places them in a stack on the table in front of him.

The standard rules apply for playing the game


Each player receives two rings of each colour – and stacks them randomly on each finger on one hand (except for the thumb).  You cannot have two rings of the same colour on any one finger.

The standard rules apply for playing the game

Centre Rings

All the rings are mixed up and piles up in the middle of the table, accessible to all players.

The game is played as usual, with players taking rings they are interested from the middle table, one after another.


Players can decide that the game is over after all 50 challenge cards have been completed.  They player who got the most challenge cars wins the game.  In the case of a tie, the player who reached that number first wins.

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