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Sensory Tray Accessory Kit

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Explore a range of activities and experiences with your Sensory Table. Excellent for therapy session too!

The kit is filled with materials specifically designed to add excitement to classroom Sensory activities.

This Sensory Pack Includes:

  • 50 Skyscraper Building Cards,
  • 50 Super Topplers,
  • 454 g coloured rice,
  • 4 Junior Goo Spreaders,
  • 10 Squiggle Pipettes,
  • 10 Junior Heart Pipettes,
  • Sand Scraper and
  • A teacher guide.

SkyScraper Building Cards

Build Sky-High Structures! Stack the building cards to create skyscrapers, bridges and high-rise towers. The handy blueprint guide provides all the step-by-step instructions for building amazing constructions. Design and build towers up to 1.5 m tall. We’ve designed two types of cards to make building fast and fun and clean up easy.

When the structure is complete, encourage children to release their inner giant and knock the tower down! The auditory effect makes a great sensory experience! The cards are printed with a blueprint design so that every construction appears uniform.

Super Topplers

Set them up and knock them over! Our “stand-up” people are perfect for making domino runs. Use them as math manipulates. They work great with building blocks. The unique design lets them stand up easily on their own. Create a long row of kids and then knock them down. Perfect for developing fine motor skills and colour recognition. Great for sorting and counting. Three different poses, five different colours. Versatile, economical and fun! 3.8 cm tall. Includes teacher guide.

Coloured Rice

Coloured Rice is versatile and offers MANY Sensory experiences! It is non-toxic.


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