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ShapeOmetry Shape Logic Game

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Combine Different Shape Pieces to Create Equal Shapes

ShapeOmetry is a fun game that helps develop spatial, abstract and quantitative reasoning skills. To solve the puzzle challenges, stack green shape pieces on top of blue shape pieces, or vice versa, to create identical shapes. Through hands-on play, players build key skills, strategies and mathematical understandings, such as part-to-whole relationships.


  • Individual or partner play
  • Develops mathematical reasoning
  • Promotes abstract and quantitative reasoning
  • Builds confidence and perseverance


Logic Games


STEM and Creative Thinking


8 and Up


2 or More Players


  • 10 Blue Puzzle Pieces
  • 10 Green Puzzle Pieces
  • 50 Ringed Challenge Cards with Solutions
  • Learning Guide
  • Game-Go Bag

ShapeOmetry™ is a fun way to help students develop key math skills and strategies that align with Common Core State Standards* for Mathematical Practice.
While playing ShapeOmetry, students are challenged to persevere as they make sense of a problem, plan a solution path, evaluate progress, and change their approach if necessary.

ShapeOmetry will help students develop spatial, abstract, and quantitative reasoning skills. Through hands-on play, students will build key mathematical understandings such as part-to-whole relationships, important skills that will serve them as they advance into later grades.
This game is also a great tool for encouraging students to verbalize their reasoning and strategy. Talking through a problem out loud will help students become more intentional about their thinking and boost their understanding of the concepts they are learning.
Fifty challenges leveled beginner to genius provide great variety so that students can build confidence as they play. Have fun and be creative in how you use ShapeOmetry with your students!

Your Goal:

Combine the blue and green game pieces to create two identical shapes.

To Play:

  1. Pick a challenge card from the deck.
  2. Select the blue and green pieces pictured on the challenge card.
  3. On a flat surface combine the pieces to form identical blue and green shapes.
    Note: Blue pieces cannot overlap or stack on top of other blue pieces and green pieces cannot
    stack on top of other green pieces.
  4. Place the green shape on top of the blue. If they match perfectly, YOU WIN; if they don’t, try again!
  5. If you get stuck, check the back of the card for a solution!

About The Inventors:

The inventors of ShapeOmetry™ (formerly called Top This!™) are Yu-Chuan and Chun-Yen (David) Chou. They first created ShapeOmetry in 2007 as a math project when they were fourteen. The project was based on an idea similar to Tetris™, but more complicated and interesting. They feel that having a strong mathematics education and learning to think logically has helped them become successful. They are both now studying biotechnology and architecture in university.

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