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South African Madiba Play Money

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This set of play money is ideal for teaching children about money. The set includes life like versions of the Madiba Notes and Coins.

The R200 note measures 110 x 50mm and the R5 coin diameter is 28mm.
Both coins and notes are double sided (heads and tails) as per the true SARB notes.

Each set contains 6 pieces of each note:

  • R10.00
  • R20.00
  • R50.00
  • R100.00 and
  • R200)

Each set contains 6 pieces of each coin:

  • 10 cents
  • 20 cents
  • 50 cents
  • R1.00
  • R2.00 and
  • R5.00

The notes also enable children to learn what a true note will contain:

  • Coat of arms,
  • colours of each denomination,
  • security thread,
  • unique note number,
  • tails side depicting our big five.

Please Note – Our play money does NOT contain watermarks, banknote paper, latent security images, raised printing or proportional note sizing, see-through printing (all security and technical details of the actual notes or coins), as this would contravene SARB laws.

Here’s a comment on the original Madiba Money:

“I, for one, am a massive fan – I love the new Madiba Rand notes! They feel more ‘papery’ than the old notes, more substantive, more, more… I love the brighter, more colourful design of the new notes – redolent of African vibrancy and spirit, they feel like a more authentic currency for our country than the older versions. I LOVE the coloured foil and Madiba watermark. And, of course, I really LOVE that beaming, smiling and warm face of Madiba that stares out at you from the note, making it a lot less unpleasant to part with your hard-earned cash when making a purchase.”


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