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Squiggle Pipettes

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Encourage joyful paint experiences with fun pipettes!

The Squiggle Pipettes feature a unique squiggle chamber for added sensory play. Use Squiggle Pipettes for paint projects, mixing colours, water table play and more. Encourage open-ended play and give little fingers a tool for fine motor exercise! As students work with the Squiggle Pipettes, use the ideas presented in this guide to stimulate developmental play and build creativity.

Use the pipettes to develop important fine motor skills while having a blast!

Squiggle Pipettes Includes:

  • 15 pipettes per pack, and each pipette is 15 cm and
  • Teachers guide.

Educational Relevance of Squiggle Pipettes

  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Practice precision squeezing skills
  • Experiment with paint colours
  • Explore viscosity through drip drop activities
  • Discover properties of gravity
  • Experiment with paint techniques

Squiggle Pipettes are a great tool for primary students. As students hold the Squiggle Pipettes, they can work with their fine motor muscles to manipulate the painting tool effectively. By using the Squiggle Pipettes, students will develop better control of their fine motor muscles and will gain exciting new experiences with our project ideas.

Use the Squiggle Pipettes to enhance sensory experiences in classrooms. Sensory experiences are important for building students’ awareness of their environments. Help students build their creativity with a variety of materials such as water, paint, sand and gelatine. Exposure to unique and new materials assists with enhancing sensory awareness as students combine materials, learn about properties and collaborate with their peers to develop experiences.

Instruct students to hold their Squiggle Pipettes firmly between their fingers on one hand. Ask students to squeeze the pipette as hard as they can at the bulb point. After three seconds, tell your students to ease off the pressure and hold the pipette normally again.

Students can test their squeeze and fine muscle control skills by squeezing the pipette over a container of water. Note: If you are working with young children, introduce them to Squiggle Pipettes with water to keep messes minimal. Water dries quickly and doesn’t stain like paint does.


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