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Cubes Story Starter

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Spark imaginations and reinforce the elements of a story with these clever color-coded cubes. The pack includes six soft foam cubes which are quiet to roll and extremely durable. Included in the set are two settings, two character and two situation cubes (6 options on each). A handy activity guide is also included to help the teacher or parent get started. These cubes can be used in pairs or small groups and create an interactive environment where children can improve their storytelling, writing and understanding. Ideal for children in the foundation phase (ages 6-12)!

How to play with the Story Starter Cubes:

  • Divide children into suitable pairs or small groups (2-4 children per group works best)
  • Roll all six of the Story Starter cubes
  • Now mix and match characters, settings and situations to get a story started
  • Let the children brainstorm, share ideas and change their story as they go. You can set a time limit for each stage.
  • The final story can be written down or shared orally with the class

As an added extra ask the children to centre the story around a specific theme, event or genre or to include a specific element in their story. This can be used to add variety to the activity, make it more challenging or to add some humour!

Learning Areas & Benefits of the Story Starter Cubes:

  • Literature
  • Storytelling
  • Reading & Comprehension
  • Social Interaction
  • Brainstorming
  • Creative Thinking

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