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Top That! Magic Stacking Game

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Put on your hat, break out your props, and hide your rabbits in this magical match up!  Top That! is a speed stacking game.  Players race to stack the magic props following the challenge cards!

Great to play with friends. 2-4 players. Age 6 and up


  • 1 rule booklet
  • 4 black hats
  • 4 red goblets
  • 4 orange pipes
  • 4 green coins
  • 4 white rabbits
  • 55 cards

Setting Up the Game

Each player receives:

  • 1 black top hat
  • 1 red goblet
  • 1 orange pipe
  • 1 green coin
  • 1 white rabbit

Shuffle the cards and form a face-down pile in the centre of the table.

The Game Turn:

At the beginning of every game turn, the top card of the pile is revealed.  All the players try simultaneously to build a stack with their 5 times by making sure that:

  • All items painted in colour on the card are visible
  • Items painted in grey have to be hidden within other items of the stack
  • Missing items on the card have to be put aside (they are neither visible nor hidden as part of the stack)

Once the player thinks having successfully built his stack, he shouts “Top That!”

After the opponents review if the stack of this player has been built correctly, he wins the card and lays it down in front of him as a reward.

If the stack is incorrectly built, the player takes a break from the rest of this turn and watches the other players solving the current card.

After that a new turn starts for all players by revealing the following card of the pile.

The End of the Game

The first player to “win” five cards, wins the game

What does “Visible” mean?

An items is considered as “visible” if it can be seen completely by looking sideways at the stack

What does “Hidden” mean?

An item is considered as “hidden” if it is completely or partially covered by another item (by looking sideways at the stack)

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