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Viva Vocab Game for Second Language Acquisition

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Viva Vocab is a language game that aims to enhance second language acquisition

Viva Vocab is a flash card language game with the top 250 vocabulary words designed to assist second language acquisition. This language game uses English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu. On the one side is an image, and on the reverse the word in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu. It has the syllabic transcription for each word so a person can attempt to say the word with a certain degree of certainty in pronouncing it correct.

These words are categorised, and each category is colour coded. The categories include numbers, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Emotions, Verbs, Nouns, and Greetings and Expressions to name but a few.

How to Play

  • The parent / teacher either lays out the language game cards picture side up and kids say the words
  • The Parent / Teacher can use them as flash cards

For years, the popular methodology for learning a second language has been to focus on grammar and sentences first and then on vocabulary. Recently, however, many teachers have realised that learning vocabulary first leads to an easier transition into the second language. Learning grammar and how to construct sentences is easier once the children has a reasonable base of vocabulary to draw on.

The development of Conversation Station and Viva Vocab is based on this concept of building a solid foundation of vocabulary before tackling other aspects of the language.
Studies suggest that most learners need between 5-16 ‘meetings’ with a word in order to retain it. By using both Conversation Station and Viva Vocab, learners will be repeatedly exposed to vocabulary building in different situations.

The association between the words and their meaning is further enhanced by allowing the children to translate the word from both language directions. First they see the second language word and have to produce the Mother Tongue meaning. Later it helps them to translate from their Mother Tongue into the Second Language.

Viva Vocab offers children the opportunity to practice word translation in multiple directions as the words are listed in all four languages on the card. Viva Vocab also provides a phonetic transcription of the word, to help children to pronounce the word correctly. It is an effective tool in second language acquisition.

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