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Vowel Owls

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Vowels of a feather gather together to make phonics and word recognition a hoot! Help students distinguish long from short vowels in single-syllable words using engaging picture cards. Sort the cards into the correct owls labelled with the vowels. Use the extra “blank” owl for “sometimes y” or to distinguish long from short sounds of the same vowel.


  • 6 colourful owls (5 printed with the vowels and 1 blank),
  • 100 picture cards to sort, and
  • Activity Guide.

Owls measure approximately 10 cm L x 7.5cm H.

Suggested Activities:

  • Learning to Fly – Set up labelled owls at a table. Lay out the cards and have children sort them into the correct Vowel Owls. For children who are just learning about vowel sounds, sort with fewer owls and fewer cards
  • Hooting the Night Away – Start by setting one of the labelled owls (for example, a) in front of the children. This owl will represent the short vowel sound. Use the unlabelled owl to represent the long vowel sound. Lay out the cards. Have children find all the respective cards into their matching-sound owl. Do this activity for the other four primary vowels.
  • A Rare Bird – Us the unlabelled owl for the y-vowel sound. Lay out all the cards. Tell children “There are only a few, but can you find the words that have a y as a vowel?” The, have children place these cards into the owl. Ask children if they can think of any other words that have y as a vowel.
  • Rapid Ascent – Give each child an owl and lay out the cards so all children can see them. Set a timer for one minute. Have children race to find the cards whose vowels match their owls. After one minute, see who has collected the most cards. Add more time for the children. who have less experience identifying vowel sounds.
  • On the Alter – Place all the labelled owls on a table in front of the children. Show the children three cards (two whose words have the same vowel sound and one that does not). Say to the children: “Two of these words share the same vowel sound and one has a different vowel sound. Show me which one has a different vowel sound than the others.” Then, have a child put the word card into the correct owl.

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