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The building blocks of geometry

Shapeometry educational game to develop reasoning skills.

Shapes are the building blocks of geometry. Learning about shapes is a fundamental step in the basics of maths. Children need to start to understand what the properties of shape are, and how to classify shapes. Why do we need Geometry? Geometry is necessary for us to discover patterns, find areas, volumes, lengths and angles, and better understand the world around us. In the Primary school children are taught the fundamentals of geometry beginning with shapes.

Here are a few products that can enhance the learning experience.

Folding Geometric Shapes – R680.00

The Folding Geometric Shapes set includes eight three-dimensional shapes: cube, cylinder, cone, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, hexagonal prism,
rectangular prism, and triangular prism. The set is unique because it shows the shapes in a solid form as well as the net.

Number and Shape Dominoes – R375.00

This is a resource aimed at reinforcing the basic principles of early geometric shapes, and encouraging children to practice them. Number and Shape Dominoes combines an image of a 2D shape, and a basic description of the shape. For example: “is round” or “square” or “four corners and four equal sides”

ShapeOmetry – R360.00
ShapeOmetry is a fun way to help students develop key math skills and strategies. ShapeOmetry will help students develop spatial, abstract, and quantitative reasoning skills. Through hands-on play, students will build key mathematical understandings such as part-to-whole relationships, important skills that will serve them as they advance into later grades.


Fractions can be seen as daunting to children at first. Using fun fractions games for children is a great way for to reinforce the concepts being taught. Through playing the game children have an opportunity to practice the skills being taught. The game can often show the teacher if the children are understanding the concepts being taught, or if more consolidation is necessary.

Match a Fraction Snap Game – R240.00
Match a Fraction is a simple snap game. It is a card game where half the cards have fractions images on them, and the other half have the fraction on them. Children need to find the matching fractions and win the cards.
Fraction Dominoes – R245.00

A fun twist on traditional dominoes! Reinforce Fractions by matching the image to the numeric fraction. Dominoes can be matched in 3 ways – numeric to fraction fraction to fraction or numeric to numeric.

Fraction Addition and Subtraction Bones – R550.00

Fractions can be seen as daunting to children at first. The task of adding and subtracting fractions can be even more so. If children have enough opportunity to practice working with fractions, they will become more accurate and less apprehensive. Using Fraction Addition and Subtraction Bones are an excellent resource for offering this ype of practice.

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